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Protoplan research has revealed that the decision to visit a trade show booth is made within a few seconds. Using interactive technologies to highlight you exhibits, will help you reach out for visitors, increase sales, improve your company's brand perception and help save the trade show budget
  • Augmented Reality

    Complete the real stand or exhibits with virtual elements. It helps to hold a presentation without exhibits or show the dynamics of development. It saves on exhibition logistics and involves visitors in working with exhibits

  • Virtual reality

    Create a three-dimensional real world, which visitors can control at your exhibition stand. Objects can be rotated, modified and you can even arrange a production tour. No expensive equipment is required, which can optimize the exhibition budget

  • FlippingBook

    Create a virtual catalog of exhibits displayed at the trade show. The visitor will be able to study the products without having to carry heavy print versions and will emphasize your company's care about the nature

  • Analytics of visitors' database

    Send a link to FlippingBook to visitors of the stand or partners. You will be able to see what is interesting to your client, what products he looked at the database and you will be able to do the right offer for him in time

  • Manage sales after the trade show

    According to Protoplan, up to 75% of the leads after the trade show are not processed. Check and monitor the work of managers after the trade show with the help of notifications about views, the number of processed contacts and sent letters

  • Holograms at the trade show

    Build objects and complexes with your exhibits using holographic images. In this case, you can always accommodate them all inside your booth

  • Video presentations

    Use all the elements of the stand to work for your success. Video presentations can be used on any screen

  • New solutions

    Technology is developing so quickly, and we are closely following them. Be sure, if there is something new, we will be able to offer you this


Protoplan specialists will determine effective tools based on your budget and the goals of exhibiting. This will allow you to optimize the expense items without going beyond the budget


You know your product better than anyone, and we know how to present it before the trade show and at the trade show. Our work in one team is a reliable foundation for your business growth


We have more than 20 years of successful experience in trade show organization and preparation. Our marketers, analysts, IT specialists, trade show organizers will provide a 360 degree individual support of your project

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