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ExpoPlanner Exhibitor

Are you responsible for the trade shows in your company? Then ExpoPlanner is your irreplaceable assistant, which helps in preparation and does not forget anything. ExpoPlanner automates the trade show preparation plan and helps to combine preparation for several projects. With its help it is easy to form a trade show calendar and to achieve results from trade shows

ExpoPlanner Organizer

Are you the organizer of trade shows? Then ExpoPlanner is your irreplaceable assistant, which will help to collect orders from exhibitors and generate reports. ExpoPlanner automates the preparation plan and application. All exhibitor orders are received by the exhibition manager online. With ExpoPlanner it is easy to confirm and reject the orders of the exhibitors in real time to provide a high service
  • Quick search

    Select any trade show worldwide out of the Protoplan trade show database and start preparing for it with ExpoPlanner

  • Easy access

    Save the selected trade shows in ExpoPlanner. Manage all your projects with just one tool

  • Working Effectively

    Manage multiple trade show projects at the same time and have more free time to enjoy

  • Best practices

    We prepared a trade show checklist approved by renowned world research institutes and organizations

  • Quick trade show planning

    You only need to select the tasks and adjust the dates based on your agenda. We have cared about all the rest

  • Interactive plan

    ExpoPlanner will send task reminders, so you can meet the deadlines

  • Trade show calendar

    Find all the trade shows that you saved in ExpoPlanner already featured in your trade show calendar

  • Corporate identity

    Download the logo of your company, and you have your trade show calendar for the year

  • Design it yourself

    Your event calendar is print-ready: save time and money on designers. Delete or add trade shows to your calendar anytime online, and it is always up to date and print-ready

  • Quick search

    Access and manage all your trade show projects with just one tool

  • Easy access

    Grant access to Exhibitors, so that they receive task reminders and fill applications in, using Exhibitor personal account

  • Interactive plan

    Сreate trade show task lists for your Exhibitors. ExpoPlanner will send them a reminders automatically

  • Automatic Exhibitor applications generation

    All Exhibitor applications are collected in one place. You do not need to call them with a reminder or wait for an e-mailed application

  • Working Effectively

    Smart sorting and allocation allow you process application quickly

  • Online communication

    Approve correct Exhibitor applications online or reject them if they contain errors through sending a notification to an Exhibitor, indicating required data to revise

  • Operational data

    All data from approved Exhibitor applications can be reviewed in the automatically updated event reports

  • Any reports

    You can generate any reports for any needs: from marketing to trade show booth construction

  • Common formats

    You can download the report in tabular form or we can make integration with your system


All connections to Protoplan are made using SSL certificate to ensure information security and password protection. Backup of all data is made every 30 minutes


Protoplan is easily integrated with Organizer’s internal systems and services via use of RESTful API and other standard protocols

Fail-secure operations 24/7

Independent data-centers comply with the international standard Tier III and safety requirements for banks, payment systems and e-commerce businesses PCI DSS. The infrastructure is 99.982% reliable

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