PLC - Private Label & FMCG Customization Exhibition

Exhibition of Trademarks and Brands
Event Hours 10-00 - 18-00
| Lai Gang Lu, Shanghai, Shanghai, China, PR, 201705

About 2019

Private Label & FMCG Customization Exhibition is an important event for professional FMCG market participants.

This event will be attended by more than 500 of its own brands from China and other countries in the field of food and beverages, household goods, personal care products, clothing, stationery and many others. This is a great opportunity to quickly and comprehensively understand the brand and FMCG market, as well as to establish contacts with the fastest growing brands of consumer goods.

A high-class marketing forum will be held during the event, which will bring together market research experts to share the latest ideas and directions for the development of the industry.

PLC 2019 will be held in parallel with the exhibitions:

Retail Consumption Innovation & Channel Marketing Conference & Exhibition 2019

The 3rd Shanghai Int’l Unattended Retail Exhibition

PLC in numbers:

43 009 visitors

400 exhibitors

58,000 sq. M. m.

Key products to be presented at the exhibition:

Personal hygiene products: teeth care products, hair care products, cosmetics, paper products, footwear care products, shaving products

Household goods / household goods: kitchenware, dishes, toiletries, detergents, household appliances, bathroom accessories, cleaning products, carpets, towels, air fresheners, clocks, small wooden furniture, lamps, batteries, irons, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners

Cigarettes and drinks: electronic cigarettes, liquor, wine, beer, imported alcoholic beverages

Food products: dried fruits, meat products, snacks, pastries, sweets, edible oils and seasonings, dairy products, frozen foods, canned fruits, seafood, organic foods, chocolate, ice cream, coffee, vegetables and fruits, soft drinks, bottled water, tea , carbonated drinks

Stationery, toys, hardware: electric toys, plush toys, garden accessories, school supplies, photo albums, office equipment, communications equipment

Clothing: socks, underwear, pajamas, slippers, shoes, tracksuits, children's clothing, etc.

Related services: store design, consulting services, media, recruiting

PLC - an exhibition for those who are engaged in the fields of:




Hotel and restaurant business

Import / export


List of attendees

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