Regional Consumer Goods Exhibition
Event Hours 10-00 - 18-00
| Schutterwälder Str. 3, Offenburg, Freiburg, Germany

About 2019

Sections of exposition:

Building: house construction, renovation / restoration, real estate, prefabricated building, energy, solar energy, ecology. Ideal Home: furniture, home textiles, design, decorative items, handicraft, housekeeping. Garden, Forestry, Agriculture: machinery, tools / equipment, gardening equipment, animal breeding, farmers' market. Technical Supplies: tools, machinery, electronics, DIY, craft supplies. Car Special: utility vehicles, transportation, trailers, accessories, car care products. Eating & Drinking: food and beverages, gastronomy. Healthy Living: health, fitness, wellness, beauty, cosmetics, fashion, textiles, accessories. New Media: computers, software, telecommunication, broadcast, TV, home entertainment. Holiday: leisure activities, sports, games, hobby, tourism. Information, Consultancy, Services organisations, authorities, insurances. SPORT-GAME-FUN.

Trade show statistics
Year Visitors Exhibitors Net square
2017 70,224 481 21,602
2016 66,061 477 21,342

List of attendees

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