International Microtechnology and Precision Trade Fair
Event Hours 10-00 - 18-00
| 3 boulevard Ouest 25050 Besançon Cedex, Besancon, Doubs, France

About 2020

Sections of exposition:

Microtechnology subcontracting: Stamping, cutting, forming, tools & dies. Injection, overmoulding, tools. Machining, micromachining and -manufacturing. Treatment & post-treatment. Packaging, microconnectors, interfacing, assembly, printed circuits. Smart dedicated electronic & opto-electronic circuits. Circuit prototyping. Microactuators,-sensors & -displays. Automation (designing & manufacturing). Designing, development & integrated production engineering of micromechanical and/or -electrical microsystems. Consulting in designing, development & production engineering of micromechanical and/or microelectrical microsystems. Research & transfer. Metrology - measurement - control. Services. Nanotechnologies. Production technologies, trading & service providers: Machine tools & equipment. Trade & industrial supplies. Materials & semi-worked products. Services to industry. Organisations.

Trade show statistics
Year Visitors Exhibitors Net square
2016 16,352 626 -

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