Blade - tradition and modernity

International exhibition
Event Hours 10-00 - 18-00
| 5-й Лучевой просек, дом 7, строение 1, Moscow, Moscow, Russia

About 2019

The “Blade” exhibitions, the first of which was held in April 2000, immediately took their place in the information and advertising space of Russia. Information about the rules of turnover of blades was distributed to them, seminars and round tables were held on the issues of knife certification, production licensing issues. From the first exhibitions, the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow and the Ministry of Culture actively participate in the work of the organizing committee. The first exhibition brought together 8 exhibitors, the 14th (2006) - about two hundred. In 2000, permission was obtained for the display and trade of CW.


List of attendees

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