International Exhibition and Scientific Conference on Hydroaviation
Event Hours 10-00 - 18-00
| 10, Solntsedarskaya str., Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Krai, Russia

About 2018

Sections of exposition:

Amphibious aircraft and seaplanes. Deck aviation. Naval aviation. General aviation and business aviation. Helicopters. Fire-fighting aviation. Aircraft engines. Search and rescue tools. Equipment for environmental monitoring. The aviation equipment. Flight and navigation equipment. Connected equipment. Aviation materials. Computer techologies. The equipment of the airport and the equipment of airfield services. Emergency shields. Hovercrafts. Small-sized sea vessels. Boats and yachts. Catamarans. Marine and aviation means of coast guard. Complexes of military equipment for mobile forces. Shipbuilding and shipping. Oil and gas production on the continental shelf. Aquatic biological resources and aquaculture. Underwater machinery and equipment. Oceanology and resources of the World Ocean. Hydrometeorological support of human activities in the World Ocean. Science and education. The law of the sea. Water sports and recreation.

Trade show statistics
Year Visitors Exhibitors Net square
2016 30,000 140 -

List of attendees

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