International Specialized Exhibition-Fair of agricultural products, equipment, technologies and crafts
Event Hours 10-00 - 18-00
| Гиочеилор ул., 1, Kishinev, Municipality of Kishinev, Moldova

About 2019

Sections of exposition:

Agricultural technique for small farmer economies. Agricultural and gardening implements. Tare and packaging. Greenhouses. Zoo techniques. Veterinary. Forage, premixes. Articles for agriculture. Seeds, young fruit trees, saplings. Technologies of heavily cultivating agricultural cultures, small live-stock animals and poultry. Rural entrepreneurship. Financing and insurance in agriculture sector. Agricultural raw materials. Foodstuff. Canned fruits and vegetables, dried fruits and vegetables, walnuts, bee-keeping products.

Trade show statistics
Year Visitors Exhibitors Net square
2017 - 251 1,504
2016 20,366 247 1,255
2015 16,370 338 2,389

List of attendees

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