China International Packaging Products & Materials Expo

Exhibition of Packaging Technologies
Event Hours 10-00 - 18-00
| 1099 Guozhan Rd, PudongShanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai, China, PR

About 2019

China International Packaging Products & Materials Expo is the only international professional exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region that focuses on the packaging industry - packaging products and packaging materials.

In the past 10 years, CIPPME has become the most authoritative and trustworthy international professional exhibition in packaging industry. Leading entarprises will display innovative packaging products, new environmentally friendly materials, paper, plastic, non-woven, wood, composite materials, glass and much more other.

CIPPE by the numbers:

  • 46 570 professional visitors
  • 487 exhibitors
  • 55 000 square meters of exhibition area

Key products to be presented:

  • Paper packaging products: gift boxes, corrugated boxes, color boxes, paper cans, paper cups, paper bags
  • Plastic packaging products: bags, cans, cups, boxes, blister packs
  • Metal packaging, aluminum foil containers, non-woven packaging, composite packaging, bamboo packaging, leather packaging, glass packaging
  • Paper: special paper, framed paper, pattern paper, leather paper, art paper, kraft paper
  • Plastic: pre-coated film, coextruded film, aluminized film, composite film, protective film, laser film, cat eye film, glitter film, wrapping film, cooking film, high resistance film, stretch film, PVC sheets, PET sheets, PP sheets
  • Related packaging auxiliary materials: adhesives, inks, UV coating oil, masterbatch , anodized aluminum, hot stamping paper, bronzing film, aluminum foil, packing tape, packing buckle, desiccant, sealing tape, ribbon
  • Luxury packaging: perfume packaging, jewelry packaging, cosmetic packaging, wine packaging, fine food packaging, high-end tea packaging, tobacco packaging
  • Label identification and anti-counterfeiting technology, RFID technology, bar code technology, signage
  • Catering and take-away packaging: all kinds of paper, plastic, biodegradable tableware lunch boxes and related equipment
  • Logistics transportation packaging: all kinds of logistics packaging boxes, pallets, container bags, woven bags and related materials
  • Functional packaging: cushioning packaging, cold chain packaging, recyclable packaging, IoT packaging, fresh packaging
  • All kinds of packaging processing machinery, box making machinery, bag making machinery, injection molding (plastic, blow molding) machinery, canning machinery, printing labeling system, packaging testing equipment and packaging machinery

List of attendees

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