We are Protoplan

We make all the information on trade shows clear and reliable

We are Protoplan

Our story began in 2014, but in fact much earlier – about 20 years ago, when we started to work in the world of trade shows and exhibitions. Time has passed, technologies changed but the process of a trade show production, that involves many people, got stuck. We have been thinking how to simplify lives of marketers, organizers, contractors and many others, involved in a trade show preparation process so it can be effective

This is how we came up with Protoplan platform and its products. This is not just another CRM system. Protoplan is an innovative platform, where you can choose a trade show to accomplish a wide range of business tasks, comparing the required data and industry statistics. Also you can see costs for promo materials production and other essentials, choose a contractor, make a trade show preparation plan, calculate an approximate budget, determine your event's ROI. Organizer can systematize and manage all the event's tasks, using a single window principle. Just one click - it is all easy. So you can indeed think big

We work at the intersection of the trade show industry, high technology, and marketing knowledge. This symbiosis makes our Protoplan more useful for You and our work more interesting and challenging for Us. The company's creation and development is managed by the Kubex GmbH in Germany and the Kubex Rus in Russia
Our dream is help our clients and users work less and earn more. That is why we make all the information on trade shows clear and reliable: from trade show database to the event's final report
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The team

Our team is represented by the trade show experts, IT-specialists, project managers
and analysts, database staff and testers.
"I have always thought that organizing a trade show is easier that most people used to think of it. I have always known this, felt this and made experiments. However, back then, there were not that many technical opportunities unlike today. Digitization has changed the world irrevocably and unconditionally, because each and every Organizer, Exhibitor and a Visitor are firstly Web users"
Andrey V. Kurilov
"I believe that finding a right trade show and preparing an event should be as simple and transparent as getting a plane ticket online. At Protoplan we do everything for it so that your company can enjoy a successful trade show with just one click"
Anna Buchatskaya
Co-Founder, Managing Partner
"I would like chaos and hustle of a trade show preparation to become a history. Travelling across the Atlantic Ocean used to take weeks decades ago. Nowadays it is only a few years. The same thing should happen in the trade show business too"
Mikhail Davidov
Key Account Manager Europe
"I firmly believe that nowadays digitization must replace routine procedures in every economy sector. Processing the information manually has become a rudiment. I am happy, at Protoplan we help companies, that work on trade shows, stay in the loop, using the latest technologies"
Sergey Mazur
Technical Manager
"Trade shows are often used to showcase and launch new products. Visitors can envision future and its secrets. However, presenting products able to change tomorrow, many companies still apply past days procedure, while working on their trade show project. My ambition is help everybody forget about trade show bureaucracy"
Ilya Labetskiy
key Account Manager Russia and the CIS
"My belief is that all the information today must be transparent and ready to use. If I can find a price for a subway ticket in Rio de Janeiro on Internet, how come that it is still difficult to find a registration fee for trade shows? Why does marketing always need new reliable information? Information, shared by a company's marketing department, affects all the business units. Protoplan makes all the information on trade shows clear and reliable for you"
Angelina Nedbaylo
Marketing Manager